Sunday, February 28, 2010


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Alhamdulillah, arini customer jauh punye order..Inn dari Johor. Turun KL utk wedding kawannya. Inn order 150 biji tarts..campur2 semua perisa yang ada. Alhamdulillah telah diapprove sedap oleh Inn :p Cheesetart4u dah ada add 4 more new toppings; Kiwi, Apricot, Lemon & White chocolate. Enjoy the piccas! :D

Close-up pictures of each toppings:








Dark Chocolate

White Chocolate

Dark Chocolate & Almond (we also made White Chocolate & Almond, tapi lupa nak take a picture )

Mixed Fruits

The end :P

Friday, February 26, 2010

*pengsan mode*

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Pheww...Alhamdulillah telah berjaya membuat 145 cheese tarts untuk order hari ni. Jenuh la bersilat satu hari nak try siapkan 145 tarts ni jugak utk arini. Jom tengok order2 tu :D

First, order from Mazni. Deliver ke ofis dia kat putrajaya. Mazni order 50 cheese tarts..macam2 perisa ada. Dia order untuk share makan2 dengan kawan2 dia. Lepas deliver cheese tarts ni, tak sempat sampai umah saya lg, dah dpt sms dia. Dia bgtau cheese tarts tu semua dah habes. Alhamdulillah.. hepi saya mendengarnya. Tak sangka plak tak ckup ek Mazni? Takpe, bila2 Mazni leh order lagi insyaAllah :D Thanks Mazni :)

Second, order from Yati. Dia datang pick-up kat rumah. Yati order 75 cheese tarts. Haa banyak kan? Semuanya perisa blueberry. Memang peminat cheese tart katanya. Hehe agak2 bape lama leh abeskan semua 75 cheese tarts tu ek Yati? ;)) Thanks ek Yati! :)

Okay the last one is from Mona. Dia order 20 cheese tarts. 10 blueberry, 10 coklat. Buat rasa2 dulu katanya. Hope you love it! Thanks mona! :)

Cheese Tart for Vege?

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This order is made from Raj, a vegetarian which means that I have to exclude one of the main ingredients, which is egg! This is kinda an experiment which is really interesting. Hehe as you can see in this picture, it didn't look that good but thank God, Raj says it's very tasty. Thanks Raj! At least the tarts are tasty despite of the looks. There is actually a substitute for eggs, so can try it out for the next Vege-Cheese tarts order! :D

Presenting.. Vege-Cheese tarts!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mai mai order

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Order terbaru daripada Ita, Putrajaya. Akan pick-up arini. Dia order 30 biji cheese tarts. 15 blueberry and 15 strawberry cheese tarts. Nak rasa2 dulu katanya. Adakah Ita mempunyai agenda untuk order yg lebih besar nanti? :P Papepun, hopefully Ita and family suka k? Thanks Ita!

Seceria pelangi

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Wahhh tajuk...sastera sungguh :P Ni order from Maiza, kajang. meet up kat bangi semalam. Dia order 50 biji cheese tarts. Nak perisa macam2 katanya. So inilah dia, perisa blueberry ada.. strawberry ada.. oren ada.. coklat pun ada :D Suka la tengok kaler campo2 camni.

Baru nak pesan makan sejuk2, baru sedap. Tapi maiza kata, tak sempat pun nak letak dalam peti ais, dah abes semua kena sambar hehe. Alkisahnya, sedara2 maiza ada dtg melawat kt rumah. Maiza pun sempat makan dua je. Takpe ek maiza, nanti leh order lg k insyaAllah? :D Gembira sungguh dengar korang suka makan cheese tart tu. Alhamdulillah! Thanks maiza! :D

Monday, February 15, 2010

Latest Order

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New order from Idah,Johor. Made the order when she was in KL. 20 pieces blueberry cheese tarts. Jauhhh cheese tarts saya merantau hehe. Hope you like it! Nanti datang lg KL, leh order banyak2 k?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New Order

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Ordered by Lily from Seremban. 50 pieces blueberry cheese tarts. She commented, "Sedap..leh order lagi ni :-)" Thanks Lily! Nice dealing with you. Bila2 order lagi k ;)

Saturday, February 6, 2010


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Assalamualaykum and Peace be upon you

We, in cheesetart4u are offering fresh & delicious home-made cheese tarts exclusively for you. You can go HERE to find out on the details of our cheese tarts.

It's not only good to have it for your own, but would also be an ideal door gift for your wedding, birthday party, or just any events.

p/s: I won't be responsible if you get addicted with this cheese tart though ;P

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Important Notes

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1) Please place your order 4 days in advance for a small order, and two weeks in advance for a large order.

2) Any order cancellation must be made at least 3 days before the pick-up or delivery date.

3) Orders will only be processed when the FULL payment is received.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Order Form

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Please copy this form to your email and fill up the details. Then just
send it to me at

Name :
Email :
Address :
Contact no :
Self collection or Delivery :
Pick-up/Delivery time :
Remarks (if any) :

Cheese Tarts(minimum order 20 pcs)
Topping :
Quantity :
Special remarks (if any) :

* NOTE *
* Please place your order four days in advance
* For large number of orders, it must be placed two weeks in advance
* Orders will only be processed once the full payment is received
* Please bank-in the payment to the account below and please email or sms me the payment and order details once the payment is done.

Name : natasha
Account number (Maybank) : 162200036703
Mobile : 0136012468
Email :

Details of Cheese Tarts

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Yummy Range (RM0.70 each)

Premium Range (RM1 each)

*Dark Chocolate
*White Chocolate

Exclusive Range (RM1.20 each)

*Dark Chocolate with Almond
*White Chocolate with Almond
*White Chocolate with Coconut
*Mixed Fruits


Available in two sizes:
Medium : Diameter of a unit tart = 4.5cm
Large : Diameter of a unit tart = 5.5cm (price is two times the medium)


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